What’s Included in my clutch rebuild ?

Many clutch rebuilders have differing pricing structures, this is why we use a flat rate pricing for a standard rebuild. In our pricing system, it’s one price for the standard rebuild, nothing more. This price will cover 90% of clutch rebuilds that we receive. Please note these prices are for 4 stroke clutches only, 2 stroke wet and dry clutches (not jackshaft) are priced on an individual basis due to parts price and availability. Drum clutches are also priced on an individual basis.

Standard rebuild:

·         Disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and reassembly

·         Machining of clutch pressure plates

·         New friction discs

·         New floater plate (if necessary)

·         New clutch springs (SMC vortex excluded)

·         New activator plate bolts

·         New lever weight bolts

·         New Spring bolts (Horstman, Tomar, Gator, etc)

·         New thrust bearing / washer assembly (if necessary)

·         New drive sprocket washers (if necessary)

·         New drive hub snap ring (if necessary)

·         New drive sprocket snap ring (if necessary)

·         Clutch set up for engine and weight class

·         FREE Clutch crank bolt kit

·         FREE shipping back to customer

Things not included in the standard rebuild:

·         New clutch basket

·         New clutch drive sprocket

·         New activator plate

·         New drive hub, drive hub parts, or pressure plate

·         New levers

·         Repair cracked drive hub

If any of the non-standard items are needed the customer will be contacted in regards to options for replacement or repair. We stock parts for nearly every clutch on the market today.

You can find our rebuild sheet with all information needed at :


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